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Welcome to "Lgbtinfonews" - your trusted source for React JS information! Our site was created for those who want to dive deeper into the world of this amazing JavaScript library. Regardless of your level of knowledge - whether you are a beginner developer or an experienced specialist - you will find a lot of useful and interesting things with us.

React JS is not just a tool for creating web applications, it is a real revolution in interface development. We've put together a comprehensive resource for you with the latest content, from basic concepts and simple lessons to deep dives into advanced techniques and performance optimization methods.

On our site you will find detailed explanations of key React concepts such as components, properties and state, as well as a dive into modern development patterns based on this library. We not only talk about how to do it, but also demonstrate it in practice, providing code examples and real problems for you to solve yourself.

We also have dedicated sections on integrating React with other technologies such as Redux for state management, libraries for styling, and network APIs for communicating with the server. All this will help you build powerful and scalable applications that meet modern web development requirements.

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"Lgbtinfonews" is an information portal dedicated to React JS and web development. Our mission is to make knowledge about React accessible to anyone interested in this powerful technology. We are not a commercial project and do not sell anything; Our goal is to share useful and relevant information that will help you master React and become a more confident developer.
On "Lgbtinfonews" you will find a variety of materials, from the basic principles of React to in-depth topics related to advanced development and performance optimization. We strive to be your trusted guide in the world of React, providing not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical tips and use cases.
Our team consists of experienced developers who love and share their knowledge with the community. We believe in the power of education and sharing experience, so we are actively developing and updating the site's content so that it always responds to your request for the most up-to-date information and best practices in React JS development.
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History of React

React was developed by the Facebook team to improve the performance and scalability of user interfaces on the web platform. It was first used in a productivity environment in 2011 and quickly gained popularity due to its efficiency and flexibility. The introduction of the virtual DOM concept into React significantly streamlined the process of updating the user interface, which was a key factor in its success.

Virtual DOM in React

One of the most important features of React is the use of virtual DOM. Unlike the real DOM, which is a tree of HTML and XML document elements, the virtual DOM is an abstract copy of the real DOM. React uses a virtual DOM to store a copy of the current interface state. When data changes, React first updates the virtual DOM, then compares it to the real DOM and updates only those parts of the interface that have changed. This approach can significantly improve application performance, especially when working with large amounts of data and frequent interface updates.

Our advantages

We at Lgbtinfonews pride ourselves on offering a unique approach to learning React JS. That’s why our portal is the ideal choice for anyone looking to master this powerful technology.

We provide broad and in-depth content about React that is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers. Our goal is not just to impart knowledge, but also to inspire you to create innovative solutions using React.

We focus on the practical application of knowledge. On our site you will find many code examples, DIY problems, and real-life projects that will help you better understand how to use React in practice.

We keep up with the latest trends and updates in the React world. Our content is always up to date and responds to current requests from the developer community. We strive to be your trusted guides in this fast-paced world of technology.

We value your time and investment in training. Therefore, we try to provide information in the most accessible and understandable form. We don’t have complicated jargon or unclear terms – we speak your language so you can learn new knowledge quickly and efficiently.

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