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What Killed The BMW K75?

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If a motorbike engine has multiple cylinder, the quantity is most of the time — Triumph and Yamaha however — a fair one. Bike engines are additionally normally mounted transversely, so {that a} chain can spin the rear wheel. This, too, has the additional advantage of packaging — maintaining all the things good and shut collectively, tip to tail.

However what if a motorbike maker simply… didn’t? What if an organization threw a three-cylinder engine into a motorcycle, mounted it longitudinally, and drove the rear finish with a shaft? What if, only for kicks, the producer threw the engine on its aspect — a flat inline triple? Nicely, which may simply make for one thing nice. One thing rather a lot just like the BMW K75.

The Million-Mile Motorbike that BMW Deserted – K75 Evaluate

That, no less than, is RyanF9’s appraisal of the K75 — an engineering marvel, lower brief earlier than its time. Curiously, his causes for loving the bike don’t have anything to do with efficiency; horsepower, torque, or dealing with. As an alternative, he loves the K75 for its longevity.

The shaft drive means no chain upkeep, no pesky cleansing and lubing. The absolutely uncovered cylinder head means altering spark plugs is a breeze. And the undersquare structure of the cylinders means the engine runs cool and with low inside stress — a recipe for an extended, wholesome life.

FortNine’s movies are at all times masterpieces of manufacturing worth, and this overview of the K75 is not any totally different. Get your self dwelling from work, pop your footwear off, and throw this on the TV when you kick your toes up on the sofa. There’s no higher approach to spend a 94-degree Friday evening, I can guarantee you.

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