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Kevin Bacon Ditches Bacon—Will Eggs Be Subsequent?

Following Kevin Bacon’s admission in Individuals’s “Sexiest Man Alive” problem that he can’t eat bacon anymore after attending to know pigs on his farm in Connecticut, PETA despatched a letter to the actor—who has labored as a spokesperson for the American Egg Board and celebrated his birthday this 12 months by consuming a roasted rooster—encouraging him to undertake a rooster in order that he can shift his mindset round them, too. We’re assured that when Bacon learns that hens are intelligent thinkers and fantastic moms who cluck forwards and backwards with their unhatched chicks, he’ll minimize their flesh and eggs from his meals.

Whereas sitting on her eggs, a mom hen clucks softly to her unhatched infants, they usually chirp again to her and to one another from inside their shells. However none of this happens when these candy birds are caged and used as egg-laying machines. They’re confined to small wire cages, pressured to put eggs till their damaged our bodies tire, after which slaughtered.

Chickens are arguably essentially the most abused animals on the planet. In the US, roughly 9 billion chickens are killed for his or her flesh annually and 305 million hens are used for his or her eggs.

PETA is urging Bacon to not be rooster, throw the eggs out with the bacon, and undertake chickens as a substitute of consuming them.

You can begin saving lives right now by going vegan. PETA will even assist you do it:

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