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Actual Causes a Chinese language Zoo’s Solar Bear Ought to Go Viral

Why are viewers baffled—for the flawed motive—by a viral video displaying a standing solar bear at a Chinese language zoo? They’re so involved about whether or not the exploited bear is actual or a disguised human that they’ve fully missed the deeper downside behind the scenes: The abuse of bears in leisure is speciesist and merciless—and it should be stopped.

The Alleged Abuse Endured by Angela, the Solar Bear at a Chinese language Zoo

The petite Malayan solar bear receiving a lot consideration is known as Angela. She’s a residing, feeling being, however people have subverted her pure autonomy and really possible compelled her, by painful coaching, to face on her hind legs for lengthy hours each day. Seedy circus trainers dump many solar bears like Angela at zoos in China after years of agonizing abuse. And it isn’t simply China: The identical circus-training torment and eventual handover to zoos happen internationally.

Though Angela appeared to wave at guests whereas standing, the gesture and posture extra possible recommend bodily distortion from a lifetime of crammed confinement. Relatively than persistent and uninformed on-line hypothesis about whether or not Angela is “pretend,” the dialog ought to shift to exposing the abuse of bears like her who’re exploited for leisure in China and across the globe.

After the video went viral, Hangzhou Zoo started denying social-media rumors that Angela was a costumed human on the finish of July. The zoo is now reportedly attracting about 20,000 spectators every day who crowd round Angela’s enclosure to gawk and marvel—all of the whereas ignoring the cruelty she has endured and doing nothing to finish it.

PETA is aware of this zoo takes in animals previously utilized by circuses. When bears are not helpful to the circus business—actually because they’ve turn out to be older and extra aggressive—they’re discarded at zoos. Angela very possible was compelled to carry out circus methods. Trainers in all probability compelled her to be taught to face, a typical type of exploitation in circuses worldwide.

Solar bears, who’re native to Southeast Asia’s tropical forests, are the world’s smallest bear species. They sport amber-colored fur patches formed like crescents on their chests. In addition they have lengthy tongues, that are helpful for extracting honey from beehives.

The Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature lists solar bears as “weak,” and the bears’ mom nation, Malaysia, deems them a protected species. But poachers and deforestation threaten their wild inhabitants, which has fallen by 35% over the previous 30 years.

What Lies Behind Many Solar Bears Dumped at Chinese language Zoos

People ought to by no means use bears or another animals for leisure. It’s grasping and abusive, propping up human supremacy, reasonably than counting on ingenuity and creativity to current solely compassionate types of amusement.

A PETA Asia investigator visited 10 of the greater than 300 circuses and animal-training services in Suzhou, China, and what this eyewitness uncovered was heartrending. Angela may even have been one of many cubs proven in PETA’s video.

Employees chained bear cubs by their necks and tethered them to a wall, which compelled them to stay upright, generally for hours on finish, in an effort to prepare them to stroll on their hind legs.

bear tied to a wall so that they are forced to stand on their hind legs for a Chinese circus

Their spirits had been damaged. They rapidly discovered that regardless of how drained and scared they felt, they needed to stand or they may choke or dangle themselves.

Trainers even tethered some bears upright inside cages.

a bear cub chained to stand upright in a cage at a Chinese circus

These younger bears reached for one another in what gave the impression to be an try and consolation each other.

two sun bear cubs forced with a tether to stay standing, with one reaching toward the other

“Over the long run that causes everlasting joint harm and even necrosis and paralysis. … [T]he animals typically purchase these issues of their youth, which means they undergo for the remainder of their lives.”

—Jin Yipeng, deputy professor of veterinary drugs at China Agricultural College

Employees tethered some bear cubs by a brief rope to a hook within the floor, making it unimaginable to maneuver various inches in any route.

bear tethered to the ground at a Chinese circus

Trainers additionally compelled bears to leap over objects, stroll on their fingers, and carry out different complicated methods.

bear forced to do a trick for a Chinese circus

The bears repeatedly resisted, however trainers yanked on their neck ropes, dragged them, grabbed them by the fur on their backs, yelled at them, and compelled them to proceed. In the event that they made a mistake, they had been hit with a stick.

Employees pierced the snouts of a few of the bears with steel rings, typically with out painkillers—then tied ropes to the rings to guide the animals round.

bear with nose ring piercing snout at a Chinese circus

When bears weren’t compelled to carry out, trainers crammed them into barren steel cages.

bear confined in a tiny barren metal cage at a Chinese circus

They cried out, pawing and biting on the bars, determined to flee.

bear peeking through cage bars at a Chinese circus

How You Can Assist Bears Pressured to Carry out

No bear—or another animal—must be exploited for leisure. Don’t assist this merciless business. Pledge to assist bears and different animals at present:

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